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Frequently Asked Questions

When you get your website as a service the upfront costs are out the window. It's all rolled into a price-fixed solution. This makes it simple for you.

Starter Care Plan
Everyone starts with the Starter Care Plan. This gives a business owner everything they need to have a successful digital online appearance. With this plan you receive:

  • New or migrated website to our web site
  • Email (optional)
  • Domain registration paid for if it's under our account
  • On-going search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management

Foundation Care Plan
This care plan has everything the Starter Care Plan has. This plan extends the number of developer hours, more email addresses, creation of a custom newsletter, allows more than one social media platform, and increases the daily ad spends to grow your site.

Custom Care Plan
When the Starter Care Plan and Foundation Care Plan do not offer everything you need then the Custom Care Plan is the one you will want. We take everything in the other two care plans and extend it to meet your exact needs.


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We don't want you to signup just because it's a great price. We want to first talk with you and make certain that we truly can help you. With our "Rule #1" of honesty we will sit or talk with you over the phone (or through Zoom) to understand your needs and let you know if we can help you achieve success. If we can't we will help you find the right provider.

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